Range Rules

Version: 11Last Updated: August 01, 2021
  1. Range open hours are between 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 30 minutes past sunset.
  2. No alcohol or controlled substances prior to or during your time on any NORVA range.
  3. Crossbows are not allowed at NORVA. Hunting on club property is strictly prohibited.
  4. Upon arrival, re-lock the gate, scramble the combination, and sign-in—see posted signs for link to online Range Book. If no one is staying on practice range, keep clubhouse locked and scramble the code.
  5. NORVA members must ensure each guest signs a liability waiver every year — see posted QR link to online form on the MEMBERS page of the website. All guests must be supervised by a NORVA member. If you bring a pet, clean-up and supervision is your responsibility.
  6. Anyone under 18 years of age must be supervised by an adult NORVA member.
  7. NORVA quiver tags must be displayed while using ranges except for events open to nonmembers. Please ask anyone not displaying a quiver tag to either show proof of membership or leave premises. Contact a board member for quiver tag replacement.
  8. Check your equipment for damage prior to shooting.
  9. Shoot only at established targets. Always make sure the lane and area behind target is clear. Do not shoot beyond farthest marked distance.
  10. Use of tree stands/climbers are strictly limited — see policy under website members page.
  11. Never draw or shoot a bow when there is someone between you and the target.
  12. Never draw or shoot up in the air or any direction that might endanger people or property.
  13. Do not shoot across lanes or paths. Only shoot at the target directly in front of you. For exampledon’t shoot at the 20 or 30 yard practice targets when you are in line with the 25-yard target.
  14. Anyone may call a CEASE FIRE if an unsafe condition is observed. If a CEASE FIRE is called, the entire range must draw down, un-nock arrows and convene.
  15. For practice range, never allow anyone to retrieve arrows until the entire practice range is COLD.
  16. When retrieving arrows from behind the target, keep one person in front of the target to alert upcoming archers of your presence. If you are alone, obscure target face with bow or clothing.
  17. Do not look for arrows behind 60-yard practice, Academy, Field #28, Field #27 or Broadhead Range unless all of them are COLD.
  18. Broadheads and practice broadheads may be shot ONLY on the Broadhead Range. (TOXIC or coring types are not allowed) Do not carry broadheads on the practice, 3D or Field ranges at any time.
  19. Do not retrieve arrows from the Broadhead Range target unless Field #27 is COLD.
  20. 3D targets on Field course 15 – 28 are strictly for kids 12 and under shooting from the silver stake.
  21. Be a good steward of the club — leave facilities in better condition than when you arrived. This includes the grounds, clubhouse, and emptying trash cans into the dumpster. Don’t leave any trash (including broken arrows) behind.
  22. Please place any found serviceable arrows in the stand inside clubhouse next to door.
  23. Report any unsafe conditions or behavior immediately to any club officer.
  24. When leaving, sign-out of the online range book, ensure clubhouse air conditioner and lights are off, lock all doors/ gates and scramble the combinations.
  25. The NORVA Board may modify these rules at any time. The latest copy is on the website as shown below. Members will be informed of changes by club email.