The Club

NORVA is a members-only archery club whose range is located beside Fountainhead Regional Park in Fairfax Station, Virginia, with approximately 71 acres of prime Virginia parkland. We are dedicated to the sport of archery and all of its disciplines, and cater to both compound and traditional archers of all skill levels! We are affiliated with the Virginia Field Archery Association and the National Field Archery Association.

NORVA Shoots 2022

Our Ranges

Come enjoy our seven dedicated archery ranges

gets the most use out of all of NORVA’s ranges. It contains five fixed distance ranges starting at 20 yards going to 40 yards with block targets.

is designed for the expert archer, but also can cater to the novice. The range is marked from 15 to 60 yards with markers every five yards in between.

is designed for our dedicated bowhunters and is the only range at NORVA that allows archers to use broadhead arrowheads.

is dedicated to our novice archers that are new to the sport. This range has four fixed distance targets with a fabric mesh screen draped behind them to catch any stray arrows. It is intended to be used solely for orientation and class environments, so we ask our general members to refrain from using it and leave it for the inexperienced archers.

is an NFAA certified, fixed-distance field archery course. This is our most relaxing course, offering benches for regular breaks and taking archers down paths along streams and through grassy clearings on an easy 2-mile hike in the Virginia woodlands. The course is split into two separate ranges: 1-14 on one half and 15-28 on the other half. Signs are posted at regular intervals to keep our archers on the right trail. This range is host to many archery tournaments during the competition season and is used for both target shooting and paper animal targets.

is set up along the back half of the field archery range (targets 15 – 28). The 3-D targets are strictly for kids, age 12 and under, shooting from the silver stake since the field course was not designed to meet the required safety clearance zone for 3-D targets at all marked distances.

is our pride and joy, and one of the largest of its kind in Northern Virginia. The course is stretched out on a 1.5-mile trail loop and has 25 individual lanes with 30 targets that are unmarked distances and dotted along a terrain walking trail. Each lane is designed for a wide variety of skills to make it one of the most versatile archery ranges in the state of Virginia. Archers can shoot from one of the six following IBO categories:

Pink “Ironman” (max 60 yards)
Not an official class but a challenging shot often around or between obstacles.

Blue (max 50 yards)
Semi-Pro (SPM), Pro Release (PMR), Pro Female (PRF), Pro Seniors (PSR), Known 50

Green (max 45 yards)
Bowhunter Open (MBO), Female Bowhunter Open (FBO), Bowhunter Release (MBR), Bowhunter Fingers (MBF), Men’s Senior Class (MSR), Masters Class (MCBH), Pro Hunter (PHC)

Red (max 40 yards)
Youth Release Ages 15-17 (YMR 15-17), Female Bowhunter Release (FBR), Advanced Hunter Class (AHC), Female Seniors (FSR), Senior Master Class (SMC)

Yellow (max 35 yards)
Hunter Class (HC), Hunter Fingers (HF), Senior Hunter (SHC), Master Hunter (MHC)

Orange (max 30 yards)
Youth Hunter (YH), Youth Release Ages 13-14 (YMR 13-14), Female Youth (FY), Female Hunter Class (FHC), Senior Female Hunter (SFHC), Physically Challenged (PCBH), Recurve Un-Aided (RU), Traditional (TRD)

White (max 25 yards)
Cub (CUB), Youth Fingers (YF), Youth Traditional (YTRD), Longbow (LB), Senior Traditional (STRD), Female Traditional (FTRD)


NORVA Clubhouse
The climate-controlled clubhouse offers arrow saw and spinner, bow presses and scales, paper tuning, chronograph and tools.

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Crossbows are not allowed on club grounds at any time, for any reason.

When the Virginia Legislature voted to approve crossbows for hunting, we anticipated that we would have current and prospective members that would want to use them on the range. Initially, we looked at this as an opportunity to get more members. Our Secretary took the time to check with our sanctioning organizations, the park authority, and our insurance. A preliminary investigation turned up no resistance.

However, after consulting with several people who are familiar with the use of crossbows, we came to the conclusion that, due to the nature of these devices (specifically that they can be armed to fire at an undetermined time in the future), the NORVA range facility would have to be set up like a rifle range with a range officer overseeing the line at all times. For this reason, it is not practical to allow their use.