Tree Stand/Climber Rules

Version 1

Last Updated: August 01, 2021

  1. The activity must be supervised at all times by a NORVA Board Member/Officer or Fairfax County Cub Run Cluster Group Leader who completed an IBEP course. The supervisor will inspect all gear, go over the safety rules, and verify that non-NORVA members (a.k.a. guests) signed the online liability waiver form.
  2. Marked trees at the Broadhead Lane and the Running-Buck lane (once marked) may be used. At the broadhead range, the adjacent Field Targets 27 and 28 will be closed during the activity; shots over the walking path are forbidden. The Running-Buck lane requires the climber to bring their own target.
  3. Tree Climbers, Ladder Stands, Climbing Sticks with Hang-on Platform, and Tree Saddles are permitted but must be erected and taken down specifically for the activity. They cannot be left unattended for any amount of time. The guardrail must be installed if the stand is equipped with one.
  4. The participant must wear a Safety Harness that stays connected to the tree via Tether Strap or Lifeline as soon as the participant leaves the ground until the time they return to the ground.
  5. Before leaving the ground, the participant must demonstrate the ability to safely draw their bow with the arrow pointed down below level at all times.
  6. Bow and Gear must be hoisted via a Haul Rope after the climber has secured their tree stand and settled in at the elevated position.
  7. The supervisor must remain on the ground, ensure the area is clear, and approve the release of every single shot from the elevated position.

The NORVA Board may modify these rules at any time. The latest copy is on the website and members will be informed of changes by club email.